Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wal-Mart Retail Mega Haul Night

I was with my wife tonight and I had an itch to get a few items, overall I got much more than my wife agreed on.  For those who watch Storage Wars, my wife and I are like Brandi and Jarrod....when she sets a certain price (like $40) , we automatically double it (I hear $80)!  Though my wife was kind of mad, she did enjoy opening all the packs!

So without further ado I got the following items:

 4 Retail Jumbo Packs - 2012 Topps Update

 Blaster Box - 2012 Topps Update

 20 Baseball Card Packs - Retail Various

3 Packs (1 Value Pack) - 2012 Topps Chrome

Now I am just going to hit the highlights of all the packs:

 David Ortiz Blockbuster Trade Patch 
(I will trade this for a CARGO Blockbuster Patch!)

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Justin Upton
(pulled from the 20 pack retail box)

I love the new Blockbuster trade patch, but I got a Boston, I want a Rockies!  So I am open for a trade of Ortiz for a Carlos Gonzalez.  

 I am very happy with the 3 orange chrome cards, Lee, Santan, and Ellsbury, all star cards!

 Pack 1: The first card, Harper Chrome RC!  Then Ramirez, Darnell RC, and Federowicz RC.

 Pack 2: Trout, Pence, Heyward, and Swisher.  A very good pack!
 Last pack, Sabathia, Green RC, Napoli, Reynolds.  A solid pack!
 Between the blaster box and 4 jumbo Topps Update packs, I pulled 10 Gold Update #ed to 2012.  Not bad considering 1:4 odds.

 First Golden Moments pulled, TULO!  Awesome, the only thing missing it wasn't a relic!

 I pulled 6 Golden Sparkle Cards.  Pretty good ha
 6 1987 Mini Topps Cards, and pulled a Lance Lynn Cardinals!

 I pulled 3 Blockbusters Cards, Carlton, Ryan, and the Angles first baseman.

 Got some Nationals love, a Harper RC, two All Stars, and a Tyler Moore RC.
 One of the odd ball packs was Topps Update/Heritage.  I got four rookies, and a McCutchen Rookie Performers.  Sweet Pack!

Below I am just going to picture some of the other cards that matter that I pulled, otherwise if I show every single card then this blog would be forever.

That was my retail night adventure, I hope to hit a hobby shop later in the week on my next trip to St. Louis.

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