Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter RIP CARD: See Whats Inside!

I got my first ever rip card from The Cardboard Don in my trade last week.  I like the idea, and equally I think destroying a card to get smaller card is weird also.

I got a Jeff Francis 28/99 Rip Card

I pulled a Hanley Ramirez #354 booked by Beckett for $50.  Not bad, but I don't really see why that card is valued $50.

Anyone out there get some really good rip pulls?


  1. Aside from the fact that Beckett's pricing is almost always out of whack, it books high regardless because it's an EXT mini, and extended minis can only be pulled from RIP cards.

  2. I understand that, but even if I was a true Hanley collector I wouldn't pay half that! Still it is a nice card none the less.

  3. Oh yeah I'd definitely never pay that myself, but that's where the Beckett overpricing comes in. Really more of a $30 card, tops.

  4. I only own one of those EXT minis. I have a Pedroia and it cost me a Brooks Robinson auto card in a trade with Beardy.


    No way I would have put down $30-$50 on it.

  5. lol and you a hanley... too funny and to think that card was sitting in my collection for about 3 years.

  6. A Rockies Card that had a Florida inside! ;)

  7. I pulled a Griffey Jr. EXT mini from a pack pulled rip card one of the first years of Ginter and turned around and sold it on ebay for more than $100, almost bought me 2 more boxes.

    1. I guess if I ever wanted to sell my cards it would be worth a shot! I am more the trading type!


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