Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Trade With Robert At $30 A Week Habit

I just sent Roberts items out today, so I apologize on having kind of a busy holiday weekend, but I did get my items in the trade today.  A few weeks ago Robert at $30 A Week Habit was talking about his love for the Colorado (Quebec) hockey great Joe Sakic and it sparked a trade idea.  I didn't have really sweet of Sakic, but I did have something a Sakic collector may love.  I went to Sakic's final game in 2009 in Denver.  I had the ticket stub and the game program.  I offered him up a trade for a Blues jersey card of David Perron and former Blues great Curtis Joseph.  Here are the photos!

I got:

Robert got (still in the mail system as of 10/09/12)

I am very happy with getting a few cards of the Blues (or former Blues) for items that someone else would love to have!  A great trade Robert and hope we can do it again!


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