Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dad, Why Is There No Hockey?

We are now about a week out from the start of the 2012-2013 NHL season and I have the same sick feeling I did in 2004-05.  As a St. Louis Blues fan, I believe St. Louis is a big time hockey town but after the 2004-2005 lockout things weren't the same here in St. Louis.  Let me show you the facts:

BEFORE THE LOCKOUT: From 2000-2004 St. Louis averaged 19,013 per game during those years.

  • 2005-2006       14,213 per game
  • 2006-2007       12,520 per game (LAST in the NHL)
  • 2007-2008       17,610 per game
  • 2008-2009       18,554 per game
I understand that not in every city there was such a drastic decline in attendance as in St. Louis, but having it's second lockout within a decade could cause even harsher drops in cities such as St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix, Tampa, and other cities who already draw in low attendance.

I love hockey, but a part of me "old school" hockey.  I don't mean, cheap shots, or hitting players with sticks, but I love the "goon squads" who are sent in to rile up the other team, not to score goals.  I am a huge fan of hockey minor leagues, and living in St. Louis we have been without minor league hockey since 2006 when the Missouri River Otters stopped play.  At least next year St. Louis will get another chance at minor league hockey when we get the St. Charles Chill, but too bad it doesn't start this year.

I hope for the NHL sake they get to playing soon, but if this drags for another season I feel that we could see a few more teams be forced to move or have to fold.  Since 1967 there have been 10 NHL teams who have moved, since 1967 6 NFL teams who have moved (2 are the Radiers), and since 1967 6 MLB teams who have moved.  Now I know there is so many other aspects reasons to each move for each league, but since 1967 the NHL has been the least stable of the major sports leagues, thus they seem to be more at risk at having more problems when it comes to issues such as strikes.

I am going to end my rant on the NHL tonight with one of my favorite players and a card I pulled from one of the few hockey packs I have ever bought: Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Premier T.J. Oshie Quad Jersey/Autograph Rookie Card #143/299!

For those who collect hockey cards, does this strike make you want to collect less of the current products or does it not matter?  For me, I love hockey, but not a huge hockey card collector so it will not change anything with my hockey collection habits.

Now I am left with the question my kids are asking me, what happened to the Blues?  Have a great weekend!

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