Friday, October 19, 2012

An Awesome Trade With BA Benny @ The Baseball Card Buffett

Last month I posted I pulled a David Wright Relic out of xxxx and BA Benny asked if I was interested in trading it.  We worked up a trade for a pile of Colorado Rockies Relics/autos and I also threw in a few other items from teams he also collects.  To top that off earlier this month BA Benny also had a contest of who can complete the best trade for a group of cards:

In all BA Benny got:

 2012 Topps Tribute David Wright 04/50 Relic

 est. late 1940s post card baseball card of the NY Yankees Stadium

Grade 9 2009 Score Mark Sanchez Rookie Card

In the contest trade (sorry I didn't get a photo of the cards)

1985 Topps Phil Simms #123
2007 Topps Own The Game Justin Miller
2010 Topps Heritage Derek Jeter SP #486
2012 Topps Heritage Flashback NF-MKI

I received in return 

3 Helton Relics, and a Joe Koshansky Auto
Josh Newman Auto, 2 Brad Hawpe Relics,  and a Papelbon Relic (in the trade offer)
Various Rockies (I love the Neagle backwards helmet!)

Another great trade!  Thanks Mike at BA Benny Baseball Card Buffet for allowing me to trade with you!

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