Saturday, March 2, 2013

2011 ITG Baseball Series 1 Hobby Box

I was walking past a Wal-Mart end cap littered with blaster boxes and loose packs everywhere like a few people were in a pack searching tornado when I seen a small glimmer of hope.  It was a 2011 ITG Baseball Series 1 Hobby Box for $59.99.  That isn't much of a discount compared to sites like blowoutcards, but I get a good 5 hit hobby box tonight, and don't have to pay for shipping!  I was kind of expecting a few common autographs and cheap relics, but I was very surprised by these 5 cards: All 5 Autographs!

Johnny Bench - Heroes and Prospects HERO SILVER Autograph

Martin Perez - Autograph

Devin Mesoraco - Autograph

Paul Goldschmidt - Lumbergraphs Autograph

Brett Jackson - Draft Year Autograph

 Very happy to score my first Bench and Goldschmidt autographs!


  1. Damn, dude. That is an amazing box for that product. Haha. Willing to trade any of them?

  2. Some pretty nice pulls in there. Well bought!

  3. WOW Bench out of that product, amazing hit!

  4. Nice hit. That Bench auto is sick.


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