Monday, March 4, 2013

My New Online Store Front: Penny Sports Cards

As many of you all know I have hundreds of thousands of cards and I am looking to slim down my collection.  I thought of selling on Ebay, or Amazon, but decided to create my own store front.  Most of all the cards in my store will be cards you would see in dime boxes.  Of course just opening yesterday I only have about 150 listed, but everyday I am going to add more, and I will slash prices daily around the site.  The site is pretty easy to find a card, just click the search button type the player, year, type, team, etc. to quickly find a card.  Please bookmark and check it out time to time.  If you sign up for the newsletter I will be sending out coupon codes for % off or discount on shipping every now and then.  Every now and then there may be relics or autos, but it is mostly all base and insert cards from present till 1980.  I will begin pre 1980 in future months.  Thanks everyone and I hope you like the experience.  Please let me know if there is any errors to jasonjasonp12@gmail (dot) com .  As of right now I only accept paypal.  Click Link below or link on the top of all pages.


  1. should be accept, except means complete opposite!

    1. @MJ Heap good looking out!

    2. Also no offence but i think, you need to expand the width of main area, So the Todd Helton card's title will be on one line at least!

    3. I am at the mercy of the program I am using, I have 3 options to choose from and this is the one that looks the best. I pay for a certain amount right now, so if I pay more I am able to have more options. If I pay more then I can have better card break downs, but since I am just starting out I don't really want to shell out $100 a month and maybe make $10. I contacted the company about changing the width, but haven't got word back yet.

    4. I just got a reply: Right now with the price I pay, there must be a ad somewhere on the page that limits my area.

    5. @MJ Heap thanks for the help and ideas!


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