Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Names Of The Great Men, Put Them Together And Get...

When we have children we are able to name our kid anything.  There are no laws (yet) that can keep us from naming our kids outrageous names like Merle Lester or DeWanna Bonner.  I am loving "The Great American Baseball Card: Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book" and it where I found out this little tid bit of information.  We often as parents would love a son who would become a big baseball star, in the likes of Micky Mantle, Ted Williams, Andre Dawson, and Albert Pujols.  Sometimes we are just stuck with a last name like we can not fix like "Dickshot", as of the former early 20th century Pittsburgh Pirate player Johnny Dickshot.  Either way, Dicks-HOT, or Dick-SHOT, both are bad last names to have.  

Cal was known for the squinting eye baseball cards 
Now we come to a former major league ball player from '44-64 with the last name: McLish.  McLish's father was part Indian so we can assume that the naming of his child to be a name like "Runs With Wolves" McLish.  At least his dad could have given him a cool Indian name, but no, not this dad.  In December 1925, Calvin Coolidge was enjoying his third year as being the 30th United States president.  Also in December 1925 we marked the 2025th (+/-) anniversary of Julius Caesar's rein on Rome.  His father was from Tuskahoma, OK, which was a town on an Indian territory.  Today has a population of 151.  So if you are keeping score, the name we now have is:

Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish

"Bus" or "Cal" for short!

I wonder if the nurse or person doing the birth certificate asked for clarification.  But this was Oklahoma and there were a lot of Indian Reservations.

Cal was a lifetime 92-92 pitcher from 1944-64 and was a WWII veteran.  Cal died in 2010.  


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