Sunday, March 31, 2013

Joe Average Collector - 2013 Predictions

After watching ESPN MLB for the past three hours make predictions for just about everything including what color under ware Barry Larkin is wearing, I decided what the hell, why not make it 1 million and 1 predictions.  One hour ESPN says the Blue Jays are a front runner to win the East, next hour they say they will struggle building chemistry like in Miami.  ESPN should be called FFSN (Flip Flop Sports Network).

World Series:  Atlanta Braves
AL Champs:    Detroit Tigers

NL playoff teams:    St. Louis Cardinals
                               Washington Nationals
                               LA Dodgers
                               Cincinnati Reds

AL playoff teams:     LA Angels
                                Tampa Bay Rays
                                Texas Rangers
                                Toronto Blue Jays

Bottom two teams in AL and NL

Miami Marlins
Chicago Cubs

Houston Astros
Minnesota Twins

Pretty much same powerhouses I feel from 2012 with Toronto and Dodgers moving into the playoffs.  Detroit I feel has the strongest shot again making it to the World Series, but I feel that the Braves have a very good all around pitching and hitting team.  They want revenge from the Wildcard 2012 Infield Fly Rule game vs. the Cardinals, and the 2011 meltdown.  The bottom teams haven't done enough to move out of the gutter yet, though I do expect the Rockies to be more in the middle of the pack, and still a few years from a playoff contender.  PLAY BALL!

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