Monday, March 11, 2013

Large 15 Card - 2013 Heritage Relic Lot Buy!!!

Yesterday my wife surprised me with buying me a lot of 2013 Topps Heritage Relics!  I like the design, and some people think the photos are bad, but we need to remember Topps photos really looked like that in 1964.  Close ups of big heads is what Topps did in the 60s.  We got several more years of these head shots before we go into the really bad blurry action shots of the early 70s.  Here are the relics she picked up for me, to include 3 Rockies!

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  1. The blog is looking great, Joe Average!
    Also, these '13 Heritage relic cards look phenomenal, especially as a set. I need to find some of these, along with the Yonder Alonso card.
    Hey! SD - COL this weekend, going on now!


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