Saturday, March 23, 2013

April Group Break Preview

The past two months I had took a huge hit on shipping having to use boxes.  But one thing that I want to make sure is that everyone who gets in the break gets a good amount of cards and value that they spent.  Almost on all my breaks I have had 5 to upwards of 13 boxes that I have broke.  This month I am going to experiment a bit on my format, but still should be a great value for everyone.  April I will have only FOUR hobby boxes, but all of them are great boxes with a chance of some great hits:

2004 Bowman HTA JUMBO BOX - 4 HITS

2007 Topps HTA JUMBO BOX - 2 HITS

2003 Upper Deck Series 2 Box - 1 HIT

2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll Box - 1 HIT

There will be 8 HITS in this break.  Last month I was pretty disappointed by the 02 Donruss box only yielding 2 numbered cards, this month every box is a guaranteed HIT(S).   I will open up the break tomorrow night with the teams and price.  The prices will be less than previous, but I am going to use a two tier system for this break to see how it works.  Even with two teams you should still get a good amount of cards, because I hate when I spend $15-25 on a break and get an envelope with 5 base cards in it.  I am going to look at the checklists and try to make the two tiers even.  I hope I see you all tomorrow, just make sure to follow the tab on the top of my blog for details and updates on my group break tab.

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