Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Topps Turkey Red - NOW SELLING FOR $62.95

2013 Topps Turkey Red at Blowout Cards going for....$62.95!  Everybody try not to all at the same time go there to buy all those boxes at that cheap price! ha

I got an email for deal from today and was looking for anything that could spark an interest when I found this.  They are selling Topps Turkey Red 11 Card Boxes for $62.95.  Just last month you could buy directly from Topps at one point for a pre sale price of $19.99 to regular price of $24.99.  My wife got a box for me even though I told her I didn't want one for a high price of $40 on Ebay.  The cards and auto were cool, but I would only value those 11 items for about $10-15.  The chances of hitting an auto that is going for over $62.95 plus shipping is almost zero.  Most breaks I have read about found that almost 5 of 8 boxes were common autos.  So if you bought 8 boxes now you would spend $504, and chances of getting multiple of the same autos and 80 base cards (I'm sure with many doubles also), you may get one auto that would be worth $50.  For $504 you could hand build a set and buy maybe 8 or more good autos and still have some money left.  I have seen some 1/1 autos go for higher, but I just seen a Felix Hernandez go for $53 on Ebay.

Either way, $63 is highway robbery for this product full of sticker autos of common players with just a very small amount of anything good.  Another reason I sometimes I feel sick of collecting.  Look at it this way, all those Topps Turkey Red boxes they don't sell maybe on their Black Friday Sale for a discounted price of $59.99!


  1. Yeah, I group broke 10 boxes at pre-sale price. Ended up with a bunch of dupe autos (mostly Brewers, for some reason) but did pull two printing plates and a /10 Victorino auto.

    1. That was my number one concern after I seen the checklist was doubles and triple autograph odds.


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