Sunday, March 10, 2013

March '13 Group Break Hits & Misses

Well the March '13 Group Break is now in the books.  This month, every break was taken by someone, that is a first in all my breaks!  Just a quick note, in trying to get everyone's base cards listed, I may have skipped and not listed a card here and there.  I try to get a quick list of cards to include the top cards.  So if I said you got 83 cards from this break, but you actually got 84, I could have skipped listing a name & number.  I wanted to show the four hits first from this months break.

2002 Upper Deck Vintage

I love this product!  Sasaki was a great closer for about four years for the M's, and this card is a great looking relic!  The overall relic name is average, the product does have a great relic lineup.  I may have to go back to this box at a later break!

2002 Donruss

This box I had high hopes for, it does have a great lineup of hits/relics/autos...yet this box gave us a big ZERO.  We ended up pulling just 2 #ed cards, an Albert Pujols DK /2500 and a Shaun Green /970.  Without getting any hits, this base set didn't live up to this boxes potential.  50/50 on going back for this product again.

2000 Bowman Chrome

Getting a box of Bowman Chrome in 2000 doesn't give us any autographs, but did give some a few cool inserts.  No real big hits, but a lot of rookies or minor league cards of great players.  The box maybe only gave us about 25% of the set, so there are a lot of cards still out there for grabs.  May go back to this box again if the price is right.

2003 Bazooka

We got our three hits stated on the box, Johnny Damon Red Sox Bat Blasts, Robin Ventura Yankees Bat Blast, and a Chipper Jones Piece of Americana.  This was a fun product, that I will go back a get again.  We got a good group of mini's, to include the best mini being a Jose Reyes, and also a Silver Chunk Jose Reyes Rookie.  If you love you some mini's, hopefully you were able to get one!

1998 Bowman SII

This hobby box was just a last minute throw in to get more cards out there for the break.  There are autos to be gotten, but what I read there was just one auto for about every 8 hobby boxes.  We didn't get one.  We did get one foil card per pack, and they are pretty attractive.  Also got a good group of minor league players and star cards!  For this price we may have to get series one next.


The one product that I spent the most on, the one that could have given us the best hit, ended up being a bust.  But the rest of the products gave me pretty much what I expected.  I was hoping for 5 hits, but we were only guaranteed four.  I still think once everyone gets their cards, even if they didn't score a hit will be excited with the cards they got.  Plus I still hope to get in a bunch of extras, and I have some extra 2013 Heritage cards to throw in each box!


Congrats Brad, you are a proud owner of this brand new* 1990 Fleer World Series (89 A's Giants) Set.  *Not really brand new

Hope to see everyone back next month, I am going to research the boxes and will give you all a preview soon!


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