Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 More Boxes of 2011 ITG Series 1 and 2

Last week my wife got me a box of Series 1 ITG Baseball Hobby Box, if you didn't see what I got, CLICK HERE and see.  One of the best boxes I've opened in a while!  Inside that box was a coupon for a buy one hobby box of 2011 ITG Baseball and get the second one for half off.  I didn't end up throwing it away since there was no expiration date listed on it, but almost 100% knew that I would never be able to use it.  Tonight when I picked up a blaster box of Topps Heritage I happen to see two boxes of 2011 ITG Baseball Hobby Boxes Series 1 and 2.  I gave the coupon to the lady at Wal-Mart and crossed my fingers...SUCCESS!  Got my second box for $30!  Here are the 10 hits I got from the two boxes:


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