Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hey everyone!  I thank the so far as of this morning the 13 online takers of my survey.  Trust me, there actually is a method to the madness with every question I asked.  I didn't actually just randomly think of information, but I actually used a variety of things I have read over the past year either in blogs, forums, and even in Beckett.  This isn't a "TRUE" whole hobby study, but more of a snap shot on current events that have happened recently in the hobby.  When a collector says that "ALL" collectors think a certain way on a specific thing, I wanted to add that bit to my survey.  This is my first go at doing a survey, already there are a few tweaks I see I could have done, but I will learn for my next survey.  I am going to use these findings to also fine tune questions for future studies.

Today I was able to survey over 25 collectors at various areas around the St. Louis area, and with that and looking at some of the online surveys, there may be some information that could surprise some of you  (even me).  As collectors we do tend to rant and rave, I'm guilty too, of trying to state if I hate or like something in the hobby.  I hope to have my 100 surveys filled in the next week, and I will have a nice write up and breakdown of all the information.

I need 50 online entries, so please email the link or share with other collectors.  Once 50 is met, the link should no longer be active.


Thanks again everyone!

Jason aka Joe Average Collector

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