Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Topps MLB Chipz

Chalk this kids friendly set up as an oddball.  I have only seen the product with online images so my thoughts may change a tad in favor or worse after I get them in my hand.  Topps has designed a new low end product for kids.  But here is the kickers everyone, there will be game used relics and autos.  Why does having autos and relics really matter?  By having relics and autos you now took the kids right out of the product.  Now you will have eBay buyers trying to scoop up as many of the boxes, break/resell or just resell the boxes.  
Before I go on, I'm going to show you some images first.

I think this is "KIND OF" a good idea, and a dumb idea, here is why.  These look like nothing more than a glorified poker chip, or one of those POGS that used to be popular.  I don't really dig the an autograph on a tiny poker chip, if I pay for a players autograph, I would rather it be on a card.  Now here is a way I "could" like this item.  If there is a holder for these chips, like a piece of plastic where the chip could snap in so it actually can be stored like a card, then I think I would love the design.  Several times in the past the disks have came and gone.  Topps tried coins many times, and as a collector I never really had an easy way to store them.  Now they sit thrown in a bottom of a box somewhere in my house.  As collectors when we come across cards that aren't the "typical" size, we struggle with how we are going to store or display them.  If these chipz were truly intended for kids, why waste autos and relics on these. I know what my kids do to their cards, they write on them, they would pop out the relic if I wasn't looking.  

I will of course give them a shot, I've thought I wasn't going to like a products in the past then I seen it and ended up falling in love with them.  Here are the 2013 Topps MLB Chipz stats:

Release Date: 5/13/13
36 Packs Per Box/4 Chipz Per Pack (144 Total Per Box)
1:2 Glow In The Dark
1:3 Gold Chipz
1:4 Magnetic Chipz (couldn't you hold a piece of metal to the pack to see if it is magnetic?)
1:4 Silver Chipz
10 Relic Players (#ed to /50) (500 total relics for the whole run)
10 Player Autographs (#ed to /25) (250 total autos for the whole run)

Flashback from past Chipz/Disk designs:  Most of all at the these were flops, but to oddball collectors they are still gold.

1997 Sports Illustrated For Kids Disks
7-11 MLB Slurpee Disks
Pop out Pogs from the Ted Williams Set in the 90s

Expos Pog Set: Pogs with a holder

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