Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Blaster Box Break

There are not many blaster boxes I open that I think they were great buys.  Today I seen for the first time a 2013 Topps Heritage blaster so of course I had to snag one up.  I didn't score a hit but I did get two cards that I really think are great additions. I'm not going to show every base card, because most of us have already seen them all, so I'm just going to show some I think are special.  So without further ado:

Justin Upton - Chrome Refractor 526/564
Yu Darvish - Blue Parallel 

Wilin Rosario -  Chrome 854/999

4 Inserts: David Wright, RA Dickey, Kershaw/Koufax, Aaron

4 Dual Rookie Cards


  1. You got my blaster! Nice score on the refractor and the Blue Yu!

  2. Wilin Rosario says "Ewww, look what you just stepped in!"


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