Monday, March 4, 2013

Wife & A Box 2013 Topps Turkey Red

Several weeks ago I had told my wife I was going to pick up a few 2013 Topps Turkey Red, but ended up striking out on both days they went on sale.  Last week I had a post called:

2013 Topps Turkey Red, Beware A Venting Post

So when I got a box in the mail today that was addressed to my wife but was addressed from a card dealer. Of course I opened it to see what was in the box.  It is obvious that my wife doesn't read my posts/rants, but I am still rather excited to see what is inside.

My wife is my pack opener, so I will have to wait till later tonight to post what I got.  

There are several players I would love to get, but those players are at such low numbers.  Then you have the more common players with print runs near 500.  

I think I will make a small video around 9 PM to see what I get, then I'll post it.

We will see tonight!

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