Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Luck Houston Astros In Your New League!

Several months before the Astros made public their move to the American League, and their new retro uniforms, I came across one of my dad's July 1979 SPORT Magazine with a very colorful photo of J.R. Richard.  I don't ever recall ever seeing an Astros game in person while they ever wore their 70s/80s retro orange look.  Plus growing up in the 80s we didn't have the high color HDTV that makes colors pop off the screen.  I remember my TVs always displaying the playing fields dark, night games on TV also appeared to be very low in true color.  I could just imagine a hitter trying to concentrate on the baseball while J.R. Richard, Nolan Ryan, and Mike Scott in flashing around those loud orange uniforms.  Maybe bright orange is just what the doctor ordered in Houston!

One thing I forgot about the Astros uniforms, were that they had their numbers on their pants.  I love the look from hat to stir ups!  I do feel Astros fans pain in having a team come in last place, or course my favorite team, the Rockies having 98-loses last year was no fun to watch.  One of the greatest feelings a fan can have is to watch a team that EVERYONE has counted out win.  Do I think the Astros in '13 will get to the playoffs?  Of course not, but I hope they can make it as tough as possible for the Rangers and Angels.  Growing up in St. Louis I had a somewhat dislike of the Astros, mostly because of their time in the same division as the Cardinals.  I do wish them all the best moving into their new place in the American League and getting back on the winning track!

Just one more random thing to note about the Astros this year, their opening day 40-Man Roster will make less this year than A-Rod will make this year, and there is a chance that he may not even play till after the All-Star Break.  Astros just need to draft well like the Royals and A's have, and in just a few years could be a playoff surprise!

March 31st, 7:05 PM CT
Rangers Vs. Astros
@ Minute Maid Park

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