Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FINALLY...Group Breaks Are Shipped! Plus Finally Uploaded My Army Video

For everyone who patiently waited for me to get to the Post Office to ship out the cards, I thank you!  I try to ship on Saturday's since I don't have my 4 small kids running around the PO while I'm trying to address all the boxes.  But a family issue came up and I was unable to get them off.  Including one of last month's went out due to forgetting to pay, simple overlook!  For those of us who run these group breaks, there is getting to be a serious increase in prices for shipping.  I try to buy as many boxes to break as possible and keep a three team tier at the price of a blaster box.  But to get the smallest flat rate box is already $5.80 per person, and to Canada is OUTRAGEOUS at nearly $20 per shipment. I am going to toy around the next few days on how I want to go about pricing and teams for next month, and possibly lower the break prices (if possible).  Either way I will make sure to let you all know!

Last year I tried uploading my army video near Veteran's Day, but ran into time and size issues on Facebook and Youtube.  Now I have it uploaded and if anyone dares to watch the almost 2 hours of raw video I took, hats off to you!  The first 10 minutes are mostly from the invasion.  Thanks - Jason (Joe Average Collector)
Jason Pilarski United States Army Retired New Haven Missouri

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