Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If You Are Going To Sign Your Name, Then Do IT!

As a collector if you paid $75 on a product that give you one autograph, how pissed if you got a player who signed his name with an X or a simple flick of the pen?  Now I understand 9 times out of ten you will get an autograph that looks nothing like the name of the player who signed it, but come on!  The ones who sometimes have the biggest issues with bad ink are the minor league players.  Heck if I was a minor league player I would beg to get my ink on some cards.  I have seen a couple football players who have just wrote X where their signature would be.  If I pulled that from a pack, I would contact the card company and demand a replacement.  As a card company they should care about the looks of the signatures since many of the collectors base their love for a product just because of the "hits".  If I were Topps I would just omit Anderson's autograph, or make him resign and make his cards a redemption till he resigns his stickers.  Being a Rockies fan I had recently purchased an autographed Tyler Anderson Rockies card.  I think I could have signed my name better with my mouth.  If Anderson ever becomes a big time player, could you ever see yourself paying good amount for this autograph?

Anderson's autograph looks like: 7 . . 2

Now I would love to see Arce have a great career, because he signs his cards like he cares.  I know there are worse signers than the Anderson above, but seeing his auto recently in my collection made me think of doing a quick PSA.  Signers I don't care if your signatures are legible, but put a bit of effort into it.


  1. That Anderson auto looks like he just screwed up and didn't fit his name on the sticker, but only got the top half of his name on there. Then someone at Bowman just put it on the card anyway. I'd blame Bowman in this case, not the player (who may be awful at following directions, but it's not malicious).

  2. I take that back...It looks like the sticker extends below his name.

    Yeah...he's just a jerk. :-)

    1. all of Anderson's cards look that way, just look his autos on COMC. Terrible

  3. The only autograph, i'd like to see an "X" would be Joseph Jefferson Jackson, who was illiterate during his playing days.

  4. There was a pretty interesting story recently on Harmon Killebrew getting Michael Cuddyer to clean up his autograph, then Cuddyer passing it along to Jordon Pacheco. I think it was on the Rockies official site.

  5. Yes I seen that article...but many bloggers wrote about that angle already about Cuddyer


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