Thursday, March 21, 2013

Board In The Card Isle

Today I went with my wife to Wal-Mart and of course I always got to check out the card isle.  My wife said that I could spend $25 on cards, and usually that is music to my ears.  Mind you that the Wal-Mart I live by is almost always stocked.  In that isle there was a card distributor putting out a few Topps blasters on the shelf.  I asked him if he was putting out anything good, and he said just a few Heritage blasters, rack packs, and re-pack boxes.  The isle which used to be 50% Pokemon and 50% Sports has now shrank in the past few weeks since my last visit.   The sports cards section decreased by half, and are now overshadowed by Magic and Pokemon cards.  I left to let the man finish and came back when my wife was ready to check out.  I stood there looking at a freshly restocked sports card isle:

There were just 7 MLB boxes: 4 boxes of Topps, 3 Heritage, and some loose searched packs.  Sitting right next to the Heritage were 5 re pack boxes.  So my choices were pretty slim.  I love when I come across old discount hobby boxes like ITG boxes I found a few weeks ago.  When I asked the distributor about if he has any more good discount hobby boxes, he said they have been using them to fill in all the voided areas in several stores.

So with my $25 I got one re pack and two packs of Ponies for my daughter.  Ugh, I think I feel sick.

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  1. How sad is that! I went to Target and had to settle for one of those hanging 9.99 boxes I think some call cereal boxes.
    They're wrapped as one in cellophane or something so they don't really satisfy the pack ripping urge and I found less inserts than two hanging rack packs would contain.


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