Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have been very bad on trades lately, not on purpose.  As some may know I suffer memory issues from several explosions to the head during my three tours in Iraq.  I depend a LOT on Google and my Nexus Tablet to remind me of various activities.  If any of you are Google people, you may have noticed the past several weeks Google has had extreme problems with Google Drive to also include Calender Sync and Email with hackers/drive crashes.  When I put information in my Google Drive and it disappears forever, I can easily forget or lose track.  I have also tried writing down information, but with 4 kids, that one piece of paper, my 10 year old quickly turns into a paper airplane. In addition since I started blogging I have gotten so much spam from internet crawlers looking for email addresses, and I guess I had one that was not protected.  I get easily 200 or more emails a day and an email is lost before I sometimes even have a chance to respond.  So I decided to make a Joe Average Collector Trade forum for anyone who wants to set up a trade or just even see if I have any cards you may be looking for.  I don't have a trade bait page, and I just have scans of my hits on my site, but I have hundreds of thousands of cards.  If you are looking for anything, just ask on the forum and as I get time I can easily find a way to respond!  I know I have dozens of times seen a card that was up for trade, posted on the comments in the blog and before I know it, I can't remember where the post went.

Again, feel free to post in my forum not just for trades, but request to see if I have certain cards or players.  Players like Griffey Jr. I have nearly 800 cards, Helton's over 1,600, so if you are looking for a certain card(s), just list them and as I get time I will get back you.

FORUM LINK IS HERE  and it will also be on the top border of my blog under POST TRADES HERE!

I know it is kind of a hassle, but I really think this will help me out a bunch in not forgetting someone again.


  1. I want your Griffey Jr's!

    I can send you lots and lots of rockies in return.....

  2. I had the WHOLE 2009 25 UD SP #455 Griffey Jr. set, someone last year offered me $500 for them all. Not bad, they are BV $40 each. If you can, sign in my forum and put that you want Griffeys and then I will post what I have there. Otherwise this post will get lost with my hundreds of others. I think we can come up with something!

  3. Those are tough to get. I think I have 2 of them. I may just have to send you what I think you'll like and have you send something comparable in return. I don't want to flood you with Rockies commons, but I have a ton of those.... I also have some relics and autos I may send your way. Give me a few days to put something together....

    Thanks for all the info! I'm certain we can do something.

  4. I understand the " Memory " thing . I "Retired " Due to a severe Heart attack 4 years ago . They had to zap me & bring me back from flatlining 7 times . I was 51 at the time . Im better but the " Memory " thing is always a problem . I relate to the Iraq war as well . My son was in the Air Force "Special Forces" both in Iraq & Afghanistan . He is also Medically Retired & Has had the same problems as you . So Take heart , There are many of us just like you & can understand. Congrats on th blessing of 4 Children . I believe you said you had to not do the break because of wifes Birthday? Same here . My wifes Birthday (& Our 25th Anniversary ) Is the 23rd.
    Would you have any Detroit Tigers or Alan Trammells ? Thanks !!


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