Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Great COMC Purchase

This week our family car has been in the shop and my wife has had my car so I have been stuck at home.  So what better way to kill time other than check out some COMC.  I was able to squeak under my limit with getting free shipping too!  I had some sort of theme of cards I was looking for, but also got some that I normally wouldn't buy.  Here is the haul:

This was a must need in my Dexter Fowler collection!
Felipe Lopez Minor League Autograph - Twice up with the Cardinals, had a decent career nearly
1,200 hits and  a one time All-Star.
Who doesn't love F-ROD? Last year maybe one of the best late inning pitchers.
A sweet addition!
St. Louis Rams #1 Draft Pick Last Year, started off the year injured but had a great second half!
A card I don't usually get, but this Walt Frazier relic spoke to me.
Walt averaged 18.9 PPG between 1967-1980.
One of my favorite catchers and current Cardinals manager autograph.
When I seen this on sale for 76 cents...WOW, no brainier!
Ubaldo Jimenez is gone from the Rockies, but not forgotten from my collection.
This is my first glove name card.
Ervin Santana has been a work horse for many years,  he has a lifetime 96-80 record
and hops to have a shot for the Royals this year.
Scahill was a late call up for the Rockies last year, and
could be a fixture for this years bullpin.
I loved seeing him get rocked last year by the Cardinals in the playoffs,
but Storen has a low 2.96 ERA in three years
I loved Khalil Greene, and loved it when he became a Cardinal
Yet his career was cut short due to personal issues I still welcome this autograph!
I wanted to get HOF baseball card in this buy, and I couldn't walk
away from this sweet Golden Age Relic of Mr. October. 
Larry Walker, one of my all time favorites of the game.  Just like another favorite of mine Galaraga
played for the Expos, Rockies, and Cardinals!  Sweet Jumbo showing him
as a Cardinal and Rockie.
Chris Volstad has had a lot of tough luck in Chicago, so why not try his luck pitching at
Coors Field?  He has looked pretty good at Rockies camp this year.
I watched Patterson play for the Cubs for many years before hanging them up while playing for the
Cardinals, this is a sweet dual relic/auto numbered to /50
As a fan of the NL West I tend to pay a lot of attention to their farm teams and young talent more than others.
Alexi Amarista is tearing it up this spring for San Diego and with a pretty weak lineup
he could easy find himself as a starter.
Added another early Vernon Wells auto, I have always liked Wells...that is my reason!
One of my favorite pitchers who pitched for the Cardinals in the mid 2000s.  He has a good
lifetime record of 104-93.
A real journeyman pitcher, Esteban Loaiza.  A lifetime 126-114 pitcher over the span of
1995-2008 pitching on 8 different teams.  Plus I love the Sweet Spot Signatures.
Gardner came to Colorado in the Ubaldo trade.  Most likely going to start in AAA and
hopefully has a good year where he can move to the big show.
Peter Tago is a Rockies prospect, yet he hasn't really been able to get out of single A.
But I welcome any Rockies relic!
David Murphy should have another great if not greater season for Texas.
Adding him in my rookie autos is awesome!
I have fallen in love with Francis again.  In his second term with the
Rockies, he looks to peg down and help a young pitching
staff in 2013 for the Rockies.
I really wanted to find a cool patch, and I found one!  I love this patch!!!
Plus Holmes is a decent enough player!

The only St. Louis born hockey player in the HOF.  Adding a sweet Pat LaFontaine  relic
and stamp are awesome!
My relic and autograph number has now surpassed 3,000 according to my inventory list!

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  1. Damn - that Frazier card is sweet. He is a bad ass mutha SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


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