Thursday, February 28, 2013

Group Break & COMC Purchase

Just a reminder that the group break is just 9 days away!  There are going to be 5 great baseball hobby boxes!  There are 3 spots left, you get three teams for $22!  CLICK HERE for March's Break Information.

I have the past few months been using more money I usually use buying blaster boxes and putting towards cards I really want for my collection, such as getting cards from  This last one was just a rather small purchase, so here I go:

Not a bad group of cards, another UD Ballpark Relic, another Gibson Dodgers Relic, my first John Kruk Relic, my fifth A-Rod Relic, and some rookie auto cards.

This time last year I bet I had already bought 5 or 6 Topps Blaster Boxes and 2 Topps Hobby Boxes, as of now, just 1 Blaster and 1 Hobby.  I have really been enjoying the older cards as of late from COMC and my group breaks, there are a TON of great older cards out there!

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