Sunday, February 10, 2013


This break ended up giving us 2 more chances to get hits in this break.  There was still a good amount of teams not taken.  First I'm going to show the HITS not taken:

2010 Upper Deck: B.J. Upton (TB)

 2008 Tristar Projections: Nicholas Carr (NYY) Autograph

 2004 Just Minors: (in 2005 Just Hobby Box) Matt Moses (MIN) Autograph

2005 Just Autographs: Warner Madrigal (LAA) Autograph


I got a hobby box of 2005 Just Minors with 2 autograph cards and a signed 8x10 for the break.  I really didn't know much about the 8x10, I really didn't expect a player of much status. The past few breaks I have taken the Reds, Texas, and Colorado.  This break I ended up with two hits:

 A Mark Teixira signed 8x10 numbered to /50! (TEX)

2002 Upper Deck Future Gems: the box yielded an extra hit, one A's relic and a Red's auto: Chris Gruler (CIN) Autograph

The 2002 Upper Deck Future Gems box was maybe one of the most fun boxes I have opened in awhile.  One member got the first card of Adam Greenberg in which 11 years later finally got a Topps Rookie Card:

Many other great teams were not taken: such as the Yankees in which scored one Auto, O's, Marlins, and Mets.

Next after the Greenberg card there was the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns Yankees rookie card: Brandon Wheeden.

Now just going to speed through some cards, mostly unclaimed:

 XRC cards of Brian McCann (ATL), Curtis Granderson (DET) , Liriano (SF), and Carlos Gonzalez (AZ).
 Dimaggio (NYY), Fowler (COL-Joe Avg), Ramirez (MIA), Josh Johnson (MIA)

 4 2002 Upper Deck Future Gems DiMaggio (NYY)

 2002 Upper Deck Future Gems Mantle (NYY), DiMaggio (NYY)

 2002 Upper Deck Future Gems Ripken (BAL)

 Joe Morgan (CIN-Joe Avg), 2008 Tristar Alex Gordan (KC)

Tom Seaver (NYM), 2005 Just Autographs Carlos Gonzalez (AZ)

Lots of great cards pulled tonight, I hope to see everyone again next month.  I will be mailing these out later in the week so you should get them in about 7 days or so.  I will be posting my next round of boxes next month.  I don't think I will do another 100 pack lot again, unless I see a better lot at better prices.  I hope you all had fun seeing the cards and being in the break.  Everyone will get over 200-250 cards for the price of a blaster box, and shipping is included in the price.  Thanks everyone!

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