Sunday, February 3, 2013

Group Break 6/3 Team Slots Remain! Better Extras!

Okay, the Super "Blackout" Bowl is finally over, now it is time for baseball!

Just a reminder that there are 6 - 3 team slots remaining on this group break.  There should be a huge amount of cards for each person.  The items in this break are some what a mystery right now...and here is why. I ordered a random 100 packs off a large baseball card website, I have never ordered from this site before so I don't know exactly what brands, years, hobby/retail packs we will get.  All I know is that the packs will range from 1986-2008, various brands, and there will be 100.  Just like I said before, this could be a big hit on the break, or a miss.  There are dozens of sites out there breaking cases of 2013 products, I can't compete with that amount, but I try to break some of the older stuff because there maybe a lot of products out there we may not have much in our collections.


Here is this break run down:

2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Box 24 packs (1 Hit on average)
2005 Just Minors Hobby Box - 1 Auto 8x10 and two packs, each pack has 1 auto (3 autos total)
2010 Upper Deck Box 24 packs (1 jersey on average)
1983 Fleer CELLO pack (can have Boggs, Sandberg, Gwynn rookies, or Ripken 2nd year!)
2008 Tristar High Series Box 5 packs (1 auto on average)

Plus the 100 pack mystery!


2009 Upper Deck Rookie Redemption Set (each person will be randomly drawn to get one of these cards as a gift)

AS A 2013 BONUS: Each person will get one unused 2013 Topps Code Card!

A randomized  Graded 10 2000 Skybox Tom Glavine

Plus I usually put a few extras in every ones pile.

In addition, I randomize doubles so you may get many cards from other teams instead of getting the same card over and over! (unless you want to keep your doubles)

CLICK HERE to see more information and to check out the teams!

NEXT MONTH I will start a frequent break discount for all the ones who come back every month to keep me able to do breaks!  

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