Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another COMC Purchase

I still am not hooked on the 2013 Topps set yet, I got one blaster and a hobby box so far.  That maybe it on boxes I buy for Series 1.  But in my box lull I got a few cards from my want list from COMC.

I loved Donnie Avery on the Rams, he had a great year in Indy.

In the Rockies farm system

Not much I can say, I LOVE these 6 relic double side cards!

One of the few cards I needed in last years Archives.

Not a Seahawks fan, but I love getting a Super Bowl Ticket card!

I LOVE THIS CARD, plus I'm on a Dawson kick right now.

I had to get a JD Drew auto for my wife!

2 Patch/3 Relic card!

Rockies pitcher Friedrich!

I hope for big things if Catricala makes the Seattle club this year!
Next week Monday I will open up next months group break!  Look for it!!!!


  1. Pristine relis are the best. I picked up a Straw bat card for trade didn't last long. Now I miss it.

  2. I like UD's Ballpark Collection! Haven't seen any '08 cards from it in a while.


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