Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Extra Card From COMC (Mistake)

This week I got my most recent order from COMC and I just noticed tonight in the penny sleeve there was a card that behind the Ben Petrick autograph card.  It was a 2000 SPx Ben Davis autograph.  It isn't a valuable card, but none the less there is a owner out there that will lose out on a $1 or so.  Since I just think so highly on COMC it was only fair for me to notify them tonight of the mistake.  I told them that I understand that in all the moving pieces and quick service that this type of thing could happen.  I offered to buy the card if they could somehow find the owner of the card.  This brought me to the ethical question of the night:

not the actual card, just an image

If you got a package you bought and it had extras that you didn't order of value, would you notify the seller about it or would you consider yourself lucky and keep your mouth shut?  (of course you don't have to comment your answer, just think about it)

It is easy for anyone one of us to say if an extra 2013 Topps Hobby box should up at our doorstep we would call the shipper and let them know.  But if there was a 100% chance that nobody would find out who got the error, would you really?  There is a fine line in baseball cards and ethics, because have you ever heard anyone say they were able to sneak an extra card out of a shop or someone they were trading? Or worse yet, pack searching...totally not ethical.

I think of myself as an honest person, I fought for the country for 8 years of my short life, I would hope anyone who knew me would do the same to me.  Just a reminder to all of us collectors, to take a look at ourselves in the mirror, and do that sort of ethics check too!

Good night!


  1. from COMC i would let them now, as it is from a collector.

    Think they'll just pay the full asking price for the card in question.

    I have too much of a concious

  2. Update: It was stuck to the card coming (one penny sleeve) into COMC, so they treated it as one card, thus keeping the card. Good that they were aware of it just incase it screwed up a sellers inventory.


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