Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb. Group Break Random Prize Winner, A Bit Late

As I was putting the final extra cards in everyone's boxes from this month's break, I totally forgot to post the winner of the free special card.  This month was a graded 10 2000 Skybox Tom Glavine.  So here is the winner:


Please look for a preview next months group break boxes HERE
I'm going to wait to make sure everyone from this month gets their boxes fine before I open up March's break.  I am actually going to try to open it up by Feb. 26th for ones wanting to get in fast with their teams.  It will be the SAME team tiers as the previous months.  The price will be $22 for everything, and for the ones who get a box this month, again I would to expect another good group of extra cards for the March break!  

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  1. Crazy! My first ever graded card. Thanks for doing this. I'll make sure to check back on the 26th.


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