Sunday, February 10, 2013


Team tiers will again be the same, I want to show everyone the boxes that I will have for next break.  I omitted the mystery wax, though all four of you in this months break will get somewhere between 50-75 extra cards! 

As far as I know I am not going to open the teams up for the break till March 1st.

There are dozens and dozens of card sites and blogs busting large amount on new wax, I can NOT compare to those amounts to make it worthwhile for many to get very many cards.  I just recently was in a 3 Case 2013 Topps break spent near $25, and got 25 cards!  None the less there were many people who scored great cards, I would rather again get as many great boxes that have been long forgotten but may offer many great base, insert, and hits.  I try to keep the costs around the price of a blaster box and each person getting around 200 cards each.  Let me know if you look forward to these 5 HOBBY boxes!  Again just like each month, I will throw in a bunch of extra cards from my collection, and a special randomized card.  This month's winner will be named tonight!

Here are March 2013 Boxes:

2002 Upper Deck Vintage Hobby (1 Hit Average)

2003 Topps Bazooka Hobby (3 Hits Average)

2000 Bowman Chrome Hobby (random autos)

2002 Donruss Hobby (1 hit average)

1998 Bowman Hobby (random rookie autos)


  1. Looks like a helluva break. Loved '98 Bowman.

  2. Love the 2002 Upper deck vintage set.. I'm still about 50 or so cards away from the base set

  3. This one looks great. I always appreciate it when people bust less common sets from past years.


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