Friday, February 15, 2013

V-Day COMC Purchase!

I found out my wife was going to buy something I already had, so I asked if I could just pick out some cards on COMC.  I'll let the cards speak...

I have been watching this Robinson card for months, finally pulled the trigger!

I love the early Sweet Spot Patches, the Dodgers look great on this Garvey!

2 HOF for the price of 1: Glavine/Carlton

A Rockies killer, but I love picking up this auto!

I like picking up some cheap rookie autos, never know who may or may not pan out later.

One of my favorite Rockies pitchers, Jason Hammel now pitches for the O's.

Crawford Rookie Relic


A military officer and was also drafted, a hero and a ball player!

A sweet quad D Lee Cubs relic!

I love the Ballpark Quads, all great players!

Guthrie has a rough '11 in Colorado, but still a good pitcher!

I LOVE the 2009 Tickets to Stardom, and my second Billingsly on this list.

Former Rockies, Jack Cust, and Mark Ellis.

Chacin Rockies Relic

One of my favorite Bruce Sutter cards I've seen!

Nothing reminds me more than the 1988 World Series than this card does! Classic!

Bonifacio a solid utility/every day MLB player.

Hager one of Tampas top prospects

I love the All Star Royal Blues!

I love collecting the USA!

My son was actually named after J.D. Drew, and was my wife's favorite Cardinals for many years, a GREAT Patch card!
Not really sure why I got this, trying to kick my football card addiction.  Sweet card though.

I know Giambi and steroids  but the man owned up to it, and I respect him for that.  I have met many times, and one of the nicest ballplayers I've ever met!  Sweet early UD Patch Card!

A Rockies pitcher for the past 4 years, De La Rosa's Rookie Card Auto.

Not a card I would buy, but a Rockies and the man who scouted Matt Holliday.

Pennington had a few great years, but I love the card!

couldn't pass up a Hellickson Relic.

Dave Parker and a Prince Fielder, don't see them very often together.

I still got love for Helton!

Fisk and Posada!

I never knew this set existed till yesterday, I loved Tom Herr!

Sweet Wano Relic!

Moylan a quality Braves reliever.

A former 1st round pick for the Rams.

Another USA prospect!

One of the rare two stripe Expos relics of two great Expos!  LOVE THIS CARD!

PEDs or not, Peralta is a quality player.

I love Gordon!

Another Helton! Brings my relic total to 100 now of Todd Helton!

I love the flag and auto of this card!

I love this Jerry Sands card, now he is a Pirate he may be able to put it together!

A cool Chris Young Auto
Another powder blue relic!


  1. Yipes!! Sweet stuff, my favorite is the Dawson/Raines. Beautiful Expos card!

  2. Geez, was she going to buy you a new car? haha!


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