Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Topps Turkey Red, Beware A Venting Post

A few weeks ago I got an email from Topps that stated to click here and grab a box of 2013 Topps Turkey Red for just $19.99 at the pre sale price.  Now mind you I got that email to my phone and clicked the link not even a few seconds after getting that email, said SOLD OUT.  After emailing Topps they say that their mail server takes a few hours to send out the emails and that over 75% of the got that email after it had already sold out.  He said that in the actual sale date that they are limiting people to only 10 boxes so I should not have a problem with getting a few boxes.  Topps stated that the boxes will go on sale on February 18 and to find out quicker when the boxes go on sale to again sign up for an email alert.  I checked a few times during the morning hours, and they were yet to be on sale.  I was not at a point I could sit at my computer and wait to get a box, I just had to hope the email thing would work like the man at Topps stated to do.  At 5:36 P.M. I finally got that email I was waiting for to grab up to 10 boxes (I only wanted 2) of Topps Turkey Red.  The page opened and I got THIS:

A part of me was pissed, but a part of me wasn't shocked either.  My wife had said I could pick up one or two boxes as part of my Valentine's Day gift for $24.99 each.  Today I found out that my wife was bidding on a box for me on Ebay before I stopped that.  She was already at $32.50 when I found out.  I went online to Ebay to check out what they were going for.

There are several people selling boxes in large mass like the 25 above, several 20, and so on.  That seller has or is selling 30 boxes, so he went out of his way to find three different ways to get as many boxes as he could get. I found another seller who has already sold 34 boxes, and still has 26 left to sell.  The cheapest I see right now in buy now is $39.99.  That is a profit of nearly $15 for doing nothing, unless they got it at pre-sale which they will make $20.  At the time of writing this there were over 950 box listings (many have multiple boxes like the one above).  These boxes were a Topps only sell, so am I really wanting to fuel the beast of greed that some people do all they can to buy as many as possible in order to get my hard earned money out of me?  Am I going to pay $600-800 in hopes to get a Harper auto?  NO!  Last year I pulled a Harper Auto out of a 2011 Bowman Chrome retail pack for $2.99.  Yes there will be tons of people who will shell out that $40 a box for 11 cards.  I am not knocking those people, we all need to get our fix.  I will just wait till these cards get listed and I will pick out the few cards I want for a fraction of that cost.  Now of course I will not score a monster hit, but after a few months I'm sure I can get the Rockies two base cards and the Colvin auto for about $7.  I asked Topps about their so called "strict" 10 box limit, they stated they will keep a very close eye on people trying to buy more than they are supposed to, and they always have.  Why not search Ebay Topps and see just how many sellers are selling 20 more boxes.  Or do you really not care because all in all you made the sale.  My beef isn't the people who got ten, because that is the limit, they have the right to that.  It is with the ones who go around the 10 to get as many as possible.

I am one of those collectors who will not go and be the first person to buy the Pujols LAA Topps SP for $250.  No, I would rather buy it after the prices go down to about $50.  If you are a true collector, you are aware of the FLIPPING game.  Buy as much as you can to dangle in front of the ones who want it.

There are people who like to buy a box, open the box, keep the cards they need and try to make as much money back on the cards they don't need in hopes to maybe make that box free.  There are people who just rip open as many boxes as possible just to list every single card in hopes to make a big profit.  There are people who try to buy limited products such as this also in hopes to make a big profit.

I would like to see some sort of raffle system:


10,000 boxes to be released (just a rough number)

7.000 boxes to be released using a raffle system
3,000 boxes to be released after raffle system deadline

One month out: Anyone who wants into the box raffle - On their site put your email address, contact information, (ONE box per person)
On the date:  emails will be sent out to 7,000 emails with a code to enter to buy their one box.  Codes are only good for 48 hours.
After 48 hours:  Whatever boxes not bought from the raffle system will be added to the 3,000 boxes for the general public still with limits.

Because it is obvious that by just getting an email notice a product is now on sale is already too late.  This will ensure that as many people as possible can get at least one box.

If Topps limited one box per person then it would cause Topps to have to ship 7,000 boxes.  They would actually want to sell as many 10 boxes per person to cut down on shipping costs and man hours.

In conclusion, again I'm in that collectors funk that everything seems to make me mad.  Last year was the Topps Five Star Program, this year was the Spring Fever Program that I got a card for, yet I live two plus hours from any card store, and now this.  At least this years wrapper redemption you can mail in, as supplies last.  Not many of us anymore live a short drive from a card store to partake on many of the hobbies greatness.  Maybe it is all the snow and bad weather, I feel like this picture below:

Sorry for the venting, now I feel much better!  I think this is why I enjoy doing box breaks of older cards!


  1. Yep.

    I bought my JP Arencibia auto and RAN. I want nothing else to do with this set for months, until I can find a $5 Jays base set.

    What did you do with that Harper auto, out of curiosity?

    1. I ended up trading it off, because I'm actually not drinking the Harper kool aid.

  2. I got two mini-boxes of 2013 Topps TR - I found out through message boards [ or] when the product would be released for sale and waited around the night before / day of to see when they would be available - I ended up signing up for Topps' mailing list and while I got my two mini-boxes, I realized if I'd waited around to get the e-mails pimping the product, I would be out of luck.

    Many of those buying in bulk past the set limits were apparently using good acquaintances' addresses / credit card information.

    1. after a certain time that day I didn't have the fortune to watch blowoutcards or freedomcardboard message boards due commitments, all I could do is set my phone to message me when I got a Topps email. If I was at home and able, then I wouldn't have a problem. This isn't just a recent issue, it is just people trying to work around ways to make more money for themselves and trying get the most out of some of us collectors. I'm fine with hobby shops, they own a business, they have overhead. They normally go by the supply chains instructed by their contracts. I was around that day they went on regular sale, the latest I could hang out online was near 11am, and at that time it had not gone on sale.

  3. I dont like the look of the cards. Way overpriced for an ugly design and besides the trout auto hardly a lot of great draws and everything is a sticker.. no thanks i will save my ducats for on card auto products like chrome

    1. Same design, just another year. At least the older sets had mostly on card.

  4. As a big fan of the past Turkey Red sets (even the inserts from 2009 and 2010), I don't like any of what they're doing.

    I'm sure I'll trade for or buy the Cardinals cards at some point. But that's it.

    1. reminds me of the high number set with one auto last year for $99.99. You can buy the cards you want for just a few bucks on line.

  5. That's called "flipping," and it pisses everybody off except the bastards making money.

    Damn shame.


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