Friday, February 1, 2013


There are 6 - 3 team slots left on this months group break.  This break should span a great number of years, one of the items I purchased was 100 random packs from 1986-2008, not sure if this is going to be a hit or a miss...if this turns out great, I may have to bring it back.  If it is a miss, hey at least we tried!  Also there will be at least 6 chances to land a hit in one of the 4 boxes, a randomized rookie redemption card and a vintage 83 Fleer Cello pack in hopes for a few  great stars or rookies from the past!

CLICK HERE or follow the tab on the top of the page to the current page break.  Leave your team selections on the break page please!

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY CARD: 2000 Skybox #184 Tom Glavine GRADED 10

This is just a little thank you for being in my break, I will randomize this card and don't be surprised if each of you get a few extras just because and plus trying to weed out some of my doubles/triples/quads...etc!  Thanks to all who are repeat participants, it tells me you enjoy this little thing I do each month.  Plus this may just be the mojo I need to get some excitement back!

Breaking on Sat 2/9/13 and should have the cards posted later that night once I get them organized.

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