Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 : Hobby Box Edition

Last week I decided to break down and not mess with getting a few blaster boxes, but buy a hobby box instead.  I took four of the packs and put them aside for Saturday's group break, thus leaving me to open 32 packs tonight.  So here are the best cards of the 32 packs I opened tonight: (sorry my flash wouldn't work on the photos)

 GREEN: Billingsley, Johnson, Montero
 GREEN: Masterson, Alonso
GOLD: Wainwright, Harper
 GOLD: Jeter, Latos, Stanton
 CALL TO CHASE: Harper, Rizzo, Niese
CALL TO CHASE: Reddick, Pomeranz
 '72 MINI: Ryan, Williams, A-Rod
 '72 MINI: Fielder, Pedroia, Rice
 '72 MINI: Holliday, Sabathia, Weaver
 TOP GREATS: Chipper Jones
 CALLING CARD: Chapman, Phillips, Sandoval
 CUT TO CHASE: Berkman, McCutchen, Musial
 CHASING HISTORY: Mays, Schidt, Dickey, Berra
 CHASING HISTORY: Thomas, Killibrew, Carew, Musial
 ROOKIE CUPS: Darvish, Trout, Harper, Rizzo
HIT: Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown Relic Redemption

Not too bad, what I have seen about the relic, it should be a pretty cool card.  I guess we'll see pretty soon.


  1. Great box. So cool that you got that Cabrera redemption. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  2. kinda bummed I got to wait a few weeks or more...but that is a first world issue for you! :)

  3. I'm interested in the Wainwright gold card if you're not attached to it.

  4. You had great luck with the gold parallels. If you're not attached to Harper, flip it on ebay for a good portion of your next box purchase.

    Congrats on the Miggy. Even Topps cannot mess that card up.

  5. Interested in the Billingsley green.

  6. Nice pulls!

    I agree with Dhoff, curious to see what comes of that Cabrera.

    I'm interested in that Alonso emerald and your Williams '72 mini, should those be available.

    Congrats on a great box!

  7. I could handle two weeks on the Cabrera. There are worse things to wait for.

  8. Are you willing to part with the Williams and Pedroia minis?

  9. I'm willing to trade for that Miggy and the Stanton gold card. :)

  10. any doubles or cards I don't want after I pull them will now go directly on my trade bait page. I will always listen for an offer for any cards I have, but it isn't a guarrantee. If I have a double of a card, I will definitely trade it. I'm slowly trying to list all my cards I want to get rid of on my trade bait page...but there's never enough time for that!


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