Thursday, November 1, 2012

Retail Blaster Break: 2012 Topps Chrome

Just a few years ago I was not on the chrome bandwagon because of one reason, the curled cards.  Since then I have gotten over it and now I love the slight flex of the card that each year we get from Topps.  I might not have said it before, but my wife is an extreme coupon-er and many times she uses hundreds of coupons a visit/transaction and sometimes she gets a negative balance and then she'll pick me up a box or two to get the balance to zero since many stores don't give money back if you go negative using coupons.  Tonight she got me Topps Chrome!  Though I didn't get any hits, I did get a super bunch of players and many refractors.

Refractors Totals:
Purples: 4
X-Factors: 1
Refractors: 3

Key Rookies: Matt Moore, Jesus Montero
Kimbrel Refractor, Verlander, ARod, Ackley
Fielder, Berkman, Ichiro, Craig
Avila, Braun, A. Gonzalez, Cliff Lee
Key Rookie: Mesoraco
Mesoraco X-Factor, Sanchez, Peralta Refractors
Purple Refractors: Gordon, Pierzynski, Peacock, and "the pirate" Brian Wilson

Again, another good blaster box break!  One thing I love about blasters is you may not get hits, but you are able to get a good amount of base/insert cards of the product! 


  1. comicmantom@hotmail.comDecember 21, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    the topps chrome is one of the most difficult sets i have ever seen , i am working on matt hague`s super master set i am at 20/25 right now i am looking for the superfactor of matt hague swinging a bat i have the other superfactor of matt hague throwing a ball to someone ....any info is greatly appreciated ........................

    1. have just purchased the topps chrome gold 1/50 autographed card
      looking for 1/25 and the 1/100 and 1/199 and 1/299 and 1/499

    2. Same person here......
      . Still in the hunt for The Topps Chrome
      Matt Hague swinging a bat superfactor 1/1
      I managed to get all these cards Below:
      — (1/1 superfactor autograph
      1/10 — (1/10 Atomic refractors )
      16/25 — (6/25 auto) red
      10/50 —(1/50 auto) Gold
      37/75 —(1/75 Auto) magenta/sepia
      2/100 —(98/100 auto) black
      60/199 —(1/199 auto) blue
      Reg. —(255/499 auto) Chrome Auto
      Regular purple no number
      Regular orange No number
      /magenta printing plate 1/1auto
      /Black printing plate 1/1auto

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  3. Any help in finding
    the superfactor of Matt Hague swinging a bat picture topps Chrome 1/1
    Or The printing plates
    Let me know


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