Thursday, November 15, 2012

Topps Five Star Club...Part 2

I read this in regards to Topps and why the Five Star Club is out...if you missed it scroll down a few days.  I figured after I vented, I would feel better and I would go back to being back to my normal collecting self, but today I read a new article and a comment from Topps made my blood boil.

This will I'm sure piss you off!  

Topps stated on a large collector website that the reason behind the Five Star Club, " it was aimed at their "most passionate, hard-core, heaviest collectors".

MOST PASSIONATE?  So I don't make a million a year, does that make me less passionate?  I spend a hell of a lot of money for what my family brings in to buy Topps cards!  HARD CORE?  Is our card company now dealing in porn standards now?  What are we, SOFT CORE collectors?  

What needs to happen, us bloggers need to start a grass roots boycott of the exclusive deal Topps has with the MLB, and let not only the MLB but Topps now that we "NORMAL" collectors are some of the MOST PASSIONATE, HARD-CORE collectors out there.  We may not be able to buy thousands of dollars per case, but it is US collectors who buy the crap these "Heavest Collectors" sell on COMC and Ebay.  

Topps, it isn't about how much money one spends on cards that makes them a TRUE COLLECTOR, it is our LOVE and DEVOTION that year after year we put up with crap like this.  You may have those heavy pocket collectors, but I 100% guarantee if it wasn't for us dads, sons, husbands, wife's  and kids who buy your retail crap, you wouldn't be in business!

If you are a blogger or want to join the cause to purge the smug smell out of the hobby, please email me, message, comment, or whatever, and in coming days we will get together a site devoted to getting other companies like Paninni and Upper Deck back into the MLB, because it is clear Topps is out of control.  Also go to my first blog post about this a few days ago and print out the application, ask Topps for a waiver for the $10,000 and write a 500 word essay any way.  If you are one of those collectors who have tens of thousands of dollars on baseball cards, I'm sure you can afford a few extra autographs.  



I guess the one thing that makes me the maddest is giving free things to people who can afford it...and if I am going to spend my hard earned money on Topps cards and if I don't like them, I don't to be worried that big brother Topps is reading my blogs or Facebook pages.

Topps is like the government, take from the poor collectors, 
and give the rich collectors!


  1. this type of thing in the context of baseball cards doesn't really bother me. i think it's a pretty dumb move by topps, but for my collection and my hobby experience, this club really doesn't matter.

  2. I have problems with Topps saying that these high rollers are the pulse of the hobby and we lower end are scum and we don't matter. That is what I have a problem with, because there is only one MLB card maker and if they don't care what us lower end collectors think then they will keep pumping out crappy lower end cards.


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