Saturday, November 3, 2012

Did This Really Happen?

Just a few months ago we all learned about the FBI investigating that our game used "relics" could not be real in our cards.  Here is an Upper Deck Advertisement from 1998.  Back in 1998 Upper Deck had a "jersey acquisition team" to make jersey cards (haha).  According to the ad, they are trying to prove that these jersey cards are really cut freshly off a game used jersey.  Fast forward to this year, Upper Deck "jersey acquisition teams" makes calls to Dick's Sporting Goods Stores to see what their cheapest Jeter jersey they have in their store for their upcoming top tier product.  In 1998, Upper Deck wants you to know that these cards are hard to get.  Unlike today when you get a cheap relic card that is maybe real or maybe fake in every box. In 1998, Upper Deck tells us that the jersey and bat relics are indeed really from that player.  Today they let us know that indeed that relic came from something, but nothing in particular. 

Funny how much propaganda was feed to us collectors in the late 90s by card manufactures, no wonder why so many collectors got tired of collecting.  Us collectors spend our hard earned money for pieces of cardboard, all we ever wanted was an honest and dependable manufacture.

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  1. That's so funny! That's the reason why I've never really been into relic cards, I never knew if they were real or not. I'm gonna stick to my autograph cards. At least I know the player signed it.


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