Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For The Kiddos: Colorado Rockies Kids Guide

I wanted to pass this along, mostly for the parents of elementary or middle school children.  Though this is a Colorado Rockies kids e-book (62-pages), this publication is a great tool for one of your own children to learn the ins and outs of baseball.  Not only baseball is inside, it has portions on living and eating right.  This is a publication from the (from the 2008 season) and can be downloaded HERE

I actually found out about this several years ago through my sons old school in Colorado.  I wish more teams did things like this for the children, even if not at school, to print out at home and do by themselves.  Some teams do have this sort of e-book (example the Oakland A's), but many don't.  I think this is a great idea for many teams to have new kids e-workbooks to complete all summer long!

(NOTE: This is a large .pdf file and may take a few minutes to download.)

Here are some of the screen shots below:

Before I go, here is a favorite link that my children love to make their own wacky MLB videos!

CLICK HERE for a cool make your own take me out to the ballgame (JibJab)


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