Tuesday, November 13, 2012

.01% Of Card Collectors, Topps Says This Is For You!

First of all, Topps I love you, I love your cards, but there are some things you all do that I just don't get.

If you are one of those collectors who can buy $10,000 of Topps products a year, then this club is for you!  Topps now has an application to be a Topps Five Star Club Member, FREE OF CHARGE!  (if you can afford $10,000 of cards a year, using the word free shouldn't be an issue to you)

Now I take a step back and take a deep breath...I want to just blast Topps for such a stupid club, I can't get over this enough not to have to clear my mind and rant...

Here are the requirements to become a member of this Topps exclusive club:

*  A letter of reference from your hobby store or online retailer. 

*  You must provide evidence that you spend $10,000 or more on Topps product per year.  

*  You have to fill out the Topps Five Star Club application along with a 500-word essay explaining why you    should be a member of the Club.

Here are some of the rules:

*  Members are admitted into the club for one year, and it is at the sole discretion of Topps to remove a 

    member at any time. 

*  Members are expected to remain in “good standing” for the duration of the year, or they may be 
   removed from the club at Topps’ discretion. Good Standing includes:

 Topps will kick you out of their club if you tell them one of their cards suck, or if you don't like a product.

*  Members must attend most Five Star Events (Conference calls, meetings, events)

Topps wants you to talk good at events, they are using members to tell other collectors how great Topps is.

*  Members must present Topps in a positive light in any statements made by Member, including but 
     not limited to, press, blogs, and social media postings on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and 
     cannot bring Topps or its products into disrepute (e.g., conviction for felony) 

Where is the freedom of speech to let a company know that a product is disappointing or has issues? This is a company trying to pay off a portion of their collecting public with free stuff.

As someone who buys a good amount of Topps cards a year, from Wal-Marts, Targets, K-Marts, Card Shops, and online, how would I ever spend that much at one location?  Is this a spit in the face for those average card collectors who shell out $19.99 here and there for blaster boxes?  As someone who is now disabled from the Army and a wife who is a nurse, and have four kids how could I ever think about spending $10,000 on one brand, at one location, in one year?  Does Topps really think that these small percent of people who can buy cases like they are candy really have a true pulse on collecting?  To these people if they don't get a cut Mantle or a sick mega ubber patch card of God that every card they got was trash to be put up on Ebay or COMC.  I value my collection at having a lot of diversity, I don't lay homage to one card company because where is the variety.

Topps disappoints me year after year with all these games and LCS deals.  I live hours from any LCS and unless I live down the street, it isn't worth me keeping dozens of open packs to get one or two cards.  I'll just wait for those people who have the money to dump them on ebay or COMC for a few quarters.  Just like we seen with the Topps Heritage Update $100 box set, at least in the blog world we laughed at that.  Plus to be in Topps Ubber Special Club, you can NOT have freedom of speech about Topps if you want a special autographed card!  

Listen Topps, you don't get it one bit.  A TRUE collector will not censor themselves for a few random autographs because half the time they suck anyways.  Either the design sucks with an on card signature, or you get a great design with a sticker signature.  Topps if you want a TRUE feel on the pulse of the hobby you need to listen to the collectors and what they want.  Overtime you just piss off more and more collectors.  In light of the recent fake relic issues, I have read the past card conventions have been harsh for Topps.  Why not pay off some of the big players of the hobby to get out the word that Topps is some great company who gives to the rich and takes from the poor!  If you are reading my blog, most likely you aren't one of the .01% of collectors out there that qualify, but if you do qualify, or want a good laugh yourself...here you GO

How about this Topps, don't worry about how many pack wrappers one gets, or how many thousands one spends, just worry about making a good quality product for us collectors and showing to us average collectors that you care about us, not the few that can buy cases of cards with their spare change.   

Get real Topps, this club is a JOKE!


  1. Maybe I should write up a few 500 word essays to sell to the yahoos who try to take Topps up on this insanity.

  2. I don't see how any intelligent, rational person would even believe what a person who would willingly join this "club" says anyway. I think this kind of move just shows how out of touch Topps is with the majority of normal, everyday collectors. I guess having a monopoly on the most popular sport for collectors does that to you.

  3. Who are these people that spend $10,000 on Topps cards each year? My Man Room is a 10'x11' room in the basement with lil' stacks of opened packs to be sorted laying around. I'm picturing an entire basement with stacks of unopened cases on pallets waiting to be opened.

    $10,000 on cards? On one brand of cards? Mind-boggling!


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