Sunday, November 4, 2012

2013 Bowman Baseball: My Take

Bowman is once again back to celebrate their 65th Anniversary, though remember they didn't produce cards from 1956-1988 after they were bought out by Topps in 1955.  Topps once again promises us collectors GIMMICKS at every corner.  Bowman since 1989 has been the home of the rookie or prospect cards and again is packed with tons of variations.  With Bowman you never have to worry about getting the same Mickey Mantle Yankees reprint year after year, just a great mix of current players and prospects.  I have not been able to find an actual photo of a base card yet, but below starts the orange variation of the 2013 Bowman cards.

I like how the auto area is lighter making it easier to see the auto.
For many years chrome cards have been difficult to see the autograph.
I really love the look of the Futures Games Relics over the past  years.
The drawn photo look is a great look and the card design is one that is very clean,
very excited to get a couple of these!

I have really not enjoyed the Bowman base cards for a couple of years, it seems that the only real wow factor comes from the color/chrome variations.  Just looking at the photos of the cards, I really don't like the tininess of the names, and the even smaller team name.  I would of liked to see the name font just a little bigger and instead of a tiny team name a logo somewhere in the bottom corners.

How does this years base stack up to the past two years?

2011 Bowman
2012 Bowman

Between these three years, I like the 2012 because I feel the card needs a nice color logo somewhere.  In 2011 I didn't like the dull looking logo mixed into the ugly black boarders.  The 2012 Bowman had good looking team colored boarders, large logo, and easy to read name.  As of right now I don't think 2013 will blow me away, but I do like some of their inserts, autograph, and relic card designs.

Release date: May 3, 2013 (my change)

2013 Bowman Sales Sheet

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  1. Agreed as someone who stopped collecting in 1994 b/c of the pure insanity of diff sets subsets and brands. Started again as a healthy alt to what I was spending my time on in 2011, I also think the 2012 Bowman Set is the bes base set. I recently ponied up $80 for a Hobby Box of 2012 Bowman Draft picks and prospects. Did ok but was disappointed I only received two Contest cards when stated odds say I shouldve gotten 4. All that being said do you know when the 2013 Bowman base packs are being released b/c besides the box I just got.and the expensive Sterling packs are the only places to get the six more get in. Feedback greatly appreciated

    only way to score the six more needed to.get into the contest?


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