Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marlins / Blue Jays Deal Still Pending, But...

As of today, with what I read the Marlins fire sale trade to the Blue Jays is still under a "officials review".  If the trade does happen, the Marlins already gave Adam Greenberg one at bat in 2012, heck if he was invited to Marlins spring training he could be a starter for the fish in 2013.  As we see today there are not many players talking good about the Marlins, and not even players still on the roster.  We should have known what type of ownership the Marlins have when not even the Cubs, whose team he played for when hit in the head, didn't even want to touch Greenberg in a 100 loss season.  But who knows, maybe Greenberg would rather retire than have another chance to play for the Marlins again.  Either way, Greenberg a great story, too bad it was playing for a rotten fish.

2013 Topps Adam Greenberg RC

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