Monday, August 20, 2012

WTF!? Volume 2 : 1992 Topps MLB Draft Picks

For some reason Topps in 1992 about half of the basic set Draft Pick cards look like their senior pictures.  Not a fan of collecting a baseball cards that double as a senior picture.  Also nowhere on the front of the card has the name of the team that drafted them.  Maybe the teams were too embarrassed at the pictures submitted to Topps. If you have a young kid and want to show them how we dressed ourselves, and hair styles in 1992, show them some of these photos below for some comedic value!

Okay, I will let you catch your breath from laughing so hard...ready for more?

Yes, Scott Ruffcorn is wearing a bow tie, and look at Jon Farrell's hair! OMG!

Well lets give Topps a benefit of the doubt, their other sets have to have much better Draft Pick photos...RIGHT?
REALLY, WTF TOPPS? You just had to make another set in 1992 (Stadium Club Dome) that was full of draft picks wearing their Sunday best? 

As I do each week, here is a fake card I made from MS-PAINT that I could imagine a card company really making....couldn't you imagine pulling a card that looked like this below in a baseball product?

(Got the 90s background, 90s mullet and rat tail)

Hope you enjoyed WTF!? Volume 2, stay tuned next week for more cards that we will get a good laugh at!

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