Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Inventory Is Now Linkable!

Last month I wanted to somehow make a database that I can really keep track at real time of my collection.  I thought about Excel, but I tried Google Docs (Drive).  What I love is that I can add or subtract cards from my phone, and check my collection from anywhere.  Below is a link, and I will also link this on my favorite links on the right side of the screen if anyone wants to view.  I am almost done inventorying my autographs and jersey portion.  I am going to next start working on the next few weeks my pre 1979 cards, and go on from there.  I figure it will take many many months to get most of it done, but it is a good start.

*Just some examples of my card room.  I place all my cards in ABC order for semi star and star players. I keep my more common cards in organized in closets.  Thanks to my wife for giving me her office!

Usually I only will trade cards I have 2 or more of, I will try to have accurate quantities done in the coming weeks so if you are a regular blog reader and see a card I have 2 or more of just shoot me an email to and we can work out a trade!  I am sorry if there if there are any errors or what on the inventory, some of these inputs are done on my phone and formatting may not be accurate.  Prices on the side are just an estimate, if a person has a great rookie year and is listed at $8 book, I just may not have had time to go through each one of my listings to change the prices.  This is mostly for my record for insurance.

Jason (Joe Average Card Collector)

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