Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finally Found Triple Play Baseball 2012!

It is almost one month and I have finally found these cards!  There was only 7 packs left, and at 99 cents it really isn't too bad.  Considering the very first card I pulled was a Yu Darvish, I was excited.  Being the bottom of the box I didn't figure I would find one of those generic relic cards I reviewed in an earlier blog but after having them in my hand I really liked them even more.  Now with that said, the cards are really cool, but I would not go on ebay and put hard money on one card.  Here is some of what I pulled (just some highlights).

Here is what I think about doing with a few of these, how cool would it be to get some autographs on these cards!  I haven't really sent out any this year, but I may wait till the start of spring training to send out a few and see if any get sent back autographed.  Just think how the Matt Holliday card would look with a nice black sharpie signature!

No hits, unless you think of a generic relic a hit (though I think it is a GREAT idea for young collectors), but there is a fun factor, and there are several subsets, stickers, puzzle, and kid cards.

 Card Radio Triple Play Checklist

IF ANYONE NEEDS let me know: (I currently have doubles)

26 Clayton Kershaw Sticker (shown above)
1 Flaming Baseball Sticker (shown above)

If anyone has any of these to trade for the cards above:

Triple Play Base Cards

25 Carlos Gonzalez
26 Todd Helton
27 Troy Tulowitzki

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