Sunday, August 26, 2012

Junk Wax - Treasure or Trash? Unopened 1988 Donruss Tom Glavine Jumbo Pack

Awhile back I was at a yard sale, not really anything special there, but I just so happened to pass a box marked 5 cents each, mostly full of old McDonald's junk toys when I spot a familiar face, Tom Glavine, so of course I had to spend a nickle.  I thought to myself, should I open it?  Then I thought to myself, I already have maybe 25 of these Glavine 1988 Donruss Rookie Cards, so why not keep the pack unopened showing a clear shot of Glavine on the front.  Still the card is only worth about a dollar (the price that is also on the pack) but I figured the nestalgia factor of having a junk wax pack showing a sure hall-of-fame rookie card is worth keeping closed!

Does anyone else hold onto a junk wax era pack like this that happens to have a rookie card showing on front?  Do you keep the pack unopened, or would you open it? 

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