Sunday, August 26, 2012

Does Any One Remember "Baseball Talk"? (1989)

1989 Topps Baseball Talk

In 1989 sports cards were everywhere, each major retail chain had their own cards printed by a major manufactor.  For example, Topps printed for Kay Bee Toys, Fleer printed for most drug stores such as Wal-Greens.  So why not make a baseball card that also could double as a record?  In 1989 the Topps Baseball Talk player and a four cards retailed at $24.99.  Each pack was labeled on front what stars were enclosed to keep from getting doubles and retailed for $4.99 per pack.  The major retailers who marked this item was Target and the one time toy giant Kay Bee Toys. 

The collection I have is the full set my parents purchased for me for Christmas in 1989.  The player stopped working after a year, but in 1991 my parents bought me another at Kay Bee Toys for 75% off retail price.  This player still even works today!  The player had several problems, most average players stopped working after just a few months, causing most to be returned to the stores and sales dropped to almost zero.  Topps before the scrapped Baseball Talk reported to have designed NFL and NBA player cards.  Players that work today are few and far between.  I was able to collect the whole set when I was young when they went on sale at Kay Bee Toys for 50 cents per pack.  I even still today have two extra unopened.  It makes a really cool piece of history for kids who view my collection and I can tell them a story about these cards and in the time we live in having an MP3 player that holds 50GB of music, in 1989 one card could only hold less than one minute of information.

(I had to add this card, I love the title to this card...Red Sox "MUFF" Championship!)

Anyone else still have these cards and player that works?

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