Friday, August 31, 2012

Blaster Max Mega SALE Find! 2008 UD Spectrum

For all you collectors who have been following me know I like to find the best deals out there, share what I found and that with some effort you can get great deals too!  I was able to find at a small retail store 4 boxes of 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Blaster Boxes (each box had one memorabilia cards).  These boxes at full price together were $80 and I was able to find it for $24! (70% OFF!)  Many of the Upper Deck blaster boxes for many years had a guaranteed memorabilia card!  It is quite a find for $5.99!  Here is the four memorabilia cards in the boxes.

  • Hanley Ramirez 
  • Kevin Youklis
  • Nick Swisher
  • Justin Mornau
If anyone else finds any great deals out there, let us know!


  1. nice hits, and you can't beat a deal like that!

  2. These used to be at Kmart for that price for quite awhile about a year or so ago. I was quick enough only to act on it once (I'm not a Spectrum fan, so didn't get to excited). But, yeah, it's a great deal.

  3. No the weren't at Kmart (may have came from one at one time), they were found at a small discount store that buys items in bulk. The store is very random.

  4. Four different colored swatches too. Not bad.

  5. I didn't even notice the colors till you said something! Thanks!


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