Thursday, August 23, 2012

Retail & Blaster Box Break - Vol 1

  • 2008 UD Series 2 Stars and stripes
  • 2009 UD Series 2
  • Tri-Star "the chase" Box
  • 2008 UD Artifacts
  • 2008 Score Football
As for game used hits, I feel I did pretty well.  I got a 2008 UD USA J.P. Ramerez (Nats 15th Round Pick), 2008 UD A Piece of History Box Score Memories Prince Fielder, and a 2009 UD Game Materials Felix Hernandez.  Much better than pulling a usual low end semi-star game used card.

TRI-STAR "The Chase" 16 Packs

I normally wouldn't pick up this item, but for $11.99 it was worth a shot.  The packs above were the packs that were included in the box.  Most of all are what most consider "junk wax" but I don't mind.
  • 1989 Topps
  • 1989 Bowman (2 packs)
  • 1988 Fleer
  • 1988 Fleer Jumbo Pack
  • 1990 Fleer
  • 1987 Topps
  • 1988 Donruss
  • 1990 Donruss
  • 1990 Topps Big
  • 1991 Upper Deck
  • 1989 Score
  • 2008 Tri-Star LO/HI (3 packs)
  • 1989 Donruss
Of course really none of these packs will yield much of anything to really "hoot" about, but I did get a few that did make it worth while.  The next two pictures are the highlights of this box.
 (1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr. RC / 1987 Topps Kevin Mitchell RC & Will Clark RC)
 (2008 Tri-Star Projections David Price, Jamie Garcia, Jay Bruce Reflector, Rick Portcello)

Overall, not too bad by pulling a pro debut David Price, Jay Bruce, and a Griffey Jr. Rookie.

Now I am just going to display some of the more prominent star cards pulled from the rest of the boxes and packs.  The price was just under $60, and all together I think I did real well at having value with the cards that I got! (Plus I added another Tim Tebow Rookie Card!).  I was kind of disappointed though that most of the Starquest cards in the 2009 box were doubles, such as Youklis, Hamels, and Kinsler.  The 2008 Score Football I didn't expect anything great, I got one glossy card per pack, the typical rookies, and inserts. 

 (I do like the Cole Hamels Goodwin Preview Card)

 (For 2.99 I got a bunch of star quarterbacks!)
 (3 Legends of NY, Rookie Star, and one 20th)
 (Tebow RC, Culter, Ryan, Skelton RC, Shaub, McNabb.  A great 2.99 value pack)
Overall, again I am happy with everything, I got a lot of star cards and great relic cards.  I hope you enjoyed quickly seeing some of the cards that I got from these retail blaster sale boxes!  Does anyone else like picking up any of these sale items, or do you just go in wanting most recent products?

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