Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Leaf Metal Draft Football BLASTER Box Review

Box Reviewed: 2012 Leaf Metal Draft Football 
Cards Per Box: 80
Packs Per Box: 20 (4 per pack)
Hits: 2 Autographs Per Box
Purchased at: Wal-Mart
Price Paid: $11.99 per box (Retail $19.99)

I really have mixed feelings about this product for many reasons.  About three months ago I first seen this product hit the shelves at retail level for a cost at $19.99 for a blaster box with 2 guaranteed autographs. There is also another Leaf Metal Draft Blaster with one numbered autograph for $19.99 per box.  I purchased one box when it first came out a few months ago and wasn't too impressed and told myself I wasn't going to buy another box again.  Today I wasn't too surprised when I already seen this product reduced 40% just a few months after its release so I went ahead and picked up two boxes.  Normally I really enjoy base cards, inserts, and just about anything else but these boxes didn't live up to the hype. First and foremost I had no problems with getting 4 autographs from the both boxes, but as a collector it was the other 156 cards that I had a problem with.  On average in each blaster box you should be able to get about 1 1/2 retail sets.  In two boxes I got 7 RG3, and 8 Brandon Weeden base cards.  After pulling the two autographs within the first 5 packs, the next 15 packs left in the box seemed to be the same cards over and over again.  As someone who enjoys opening packs for the variance of cards (no inserts) I am left very bored.  If I were Leaf I would just issue a boxed retail set with two autographs.  My last real issue with the cards is they have the thickness of a 1981 Donruss card (very thin!).  Below are some of the cards I pulled.

Autographs: 1 - 6th rounder 1 - 7th rounder 2 - Un-drafted
 7 RG3 & 8 Brandon Weeden cards pulled in two retail boxes.
 1 Andrew Luck U.S. Army card inside each retail box

MY RATINGS: (1 bad - 10 AWESOME)

Value: 5 - Autographs are the ONLY thing that saved this product.
Inserts: 1 - Only insert in the box wasn't even in a pack.
Enjoy Factor: 3 - Retail Autograph list is mostly late draft players, too many duplicate cards!
Autographs: 5 - Though there were two autos in each box, but don't hold your breath for early round draftees.
Game Used: na - none in product release

Overall: 3 - Leaf wanted to be the first on the scene right after the 2012 NFL Draft, this product proves that there was little thought and design with this set.  Even in the hobby cards, the only inserts are parallel cards, which is not very original.  If you see these for $19.99, save your money and wait till the are on the discount racks!

What do you all think, have you been impressed by either the retail or hobby?

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